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Residential, Commercial and Industrial water heaters (gas, propane and electric). Indirect, Storage and Solar tanks.

Brute Residential and Commercial Boilers - Natural Gas or Propane





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Forward Thinking


Gas Fired Boilers and Volume water heaters for commercial and residential applications




Aquatherm piping systems provide long lasting and environmentally friendly pipes and fittings for efficient distribution of potable water, radiant heating and cooling, water conservation and fire sprinkler systems.                                                                                         


Commercial and Industrial large volume storage tanks



High Performance Ventilation Solutions! Ventilation fans that combine super quiet operation with low energy consumption and long service life.





Smith Cast Iron Boilers, Beacon-Morris heating products,

Hydrotherm boilers and radiation products



Panel Radiators, Classic Column Style Radiators, Thermostatic Radiator Valves,

Ladder Towel Warmers




Polypropylene Vent Systems

Residential, Commercial and OEM

ULC S636 and UL-1738





Over 30 product lines including:  Danfoss,  Malco, Aerocel, Sauermann, Webster, Westwood, Schaefer Brush, Monarch, Testo, Yoga Pipe and many more!



The TracPipe  brand of corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) by Omegaflex Inc., is a flexible piping material and related accessories for distribution of propane and natural gas for both residential and commercial  applications


Carlin Combustion Technology Inc., the industry's technological leader in oil and gas,

residential and commercial burners.